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On this page I will be writing about my journey in publishing a book and connecting with people on the journey Up the Ladder in a Skirt.

Finding True Equity and Balance: Why Women Only Events are Still Needed

Very recently a friend of mine advertised a training program she was running for women around building your business tribe, on a professional organisation Facebook group she was a part of as a part of their #PitchWednesday offerings. It was taken down by the moderators saying that it breached the ethics policy of the organisation,…

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4 Ways To Create The Perfect Work Environment

I would like to share this blog post which I was featured in below.  Thanks to Ally Feiam for this. Blog by Ally Feiam on There are endless factors that can create the perfect work environment. Depending on whether you work at home or you work in a packed office, your work should help…

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Be Bold for Change…

Last Wednesday 8th March was International Women’s Day yet again.  With the best laid plans I was going to write three blogs that day, one for here, one for my main business blog (which gets even less attention than this) and one for Linked In.  I managed only one of them, the Linked In Article:…

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Little things often knock us off our stride…

Success is different for everyone. Whether we are looking to grow our career, business or undertake a personal activity to achieve a goal, how we go about it and what we deem as success is personal and individual. I am competing in two events on the weekend of the 27th/28th August, a 1/2 mile swim…

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Why understanding your personality preferences is so important.

It is the middle of the night and I am wide awake. Not because I have this amazing idea running around in my head, although that is often the reason I cannot sleep, but because I am trying to solve a problem. The problem is how to do fill the gaps in my business if…

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I can't do that, I don't have the money!

Have you ever really wanted to do something and found yourself saying: I can’t do that I don’t have the money For many of us it is not an excuse or a block, it is very real. Or is it?   I effectively retired at the age of 35, about five years ahead of my…

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Help the CV monster has me!

There is a great opportunity in front of me, the shortest of timelines to apply and my CV is rubbish! Have you ever been in a situation like this? Had an occasion where you have even walked away from the opportunity because you don’t even know where to start with the clean up process? If…

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Take the leap!

What things potentially stand in the way of you making things happen? How do you over come them? Looking at stepping off the cliff edge and enjoying the journey to a positive end.

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Self Image is Important!

“No one can outperform he own self-image.” Laura Posey This post is a day late in my personal blogging time-line/challenge but it needed to be.  The quote at the start is one of the daily quotes on my The Women’s Advantage desk calendar.  It us almost as if it knows just what I need to…

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Reflecting on my journey to now

In this post Maggie reflects on the journey she has taken from a 5 year old to the Woman and successful leader she is today

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