Reflecting on my journey to now

This month has been a really busy month.  I know that that is the case for many people but I believe that when you are starting a new business venture you often end up feeling like there are not enough hours in the day to do everything.  Unlike when I was in the corporate world and I was reporting to someone else and had no fear in telling them that deadline where unrealistic if that was the case, I find myself in a situation where my current boss can be really unrealistic in her time lines.  I guess having me as a boss is not the best thing for me at the moment.

So in thinking about how I manage my time better and become a better task master for myself, I have been reflecting on what I have done so far this month.  It has been an amazing journey with so many other women from around the world and each one of them is special and talented in their own ways.  I have been looking at where I have come from to be the person that is interviewing these women and for my book on Women in Leadership.

This week as a result of this reflection, I am going to take you on a small picture journey on how it is I come to be the Author of the upcoming book Up the Ladder in the Skirt.

Me with the toysStarting here…this is not the first picture out there of a very young me, but I do think it speaks of a real innocence (so of which despite everything I have seen and done) is still with me.  More importantly it shows me for what I am and will always be – ‘a girly, girl’.

Next thisMaths CAMP is me at the back in on the right (second one in), in my black and white phase.  I am at a Maths Camp and in my second last year of high school.  I am still very proud of the fact that I am and will always be a Maths geek.  Still very much a girl though.

On wards to Physics Energy Efficency Campmy final year of high school and now I am stepping out as a Physics geek, no wonders I went on to become a Mechanical Engineer!
Electrical Apprenticeship with BHP Steel



Onto my time at BHP Steel, as an apprentice electrician and one of those rare shoots of me not in a skirt.  I am front and centre, hair pulled back and trying not to laugh at something one of guys has said to me


Graduation PhotoA proud day follows, me graduating from University with my degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Still in a skirt and ready to set off on the next leg of my adventure.

Fast forward many years and this is that little girl you seChairing the Colquhoun Dinner 2012e at the start chairing the 75th (and final) Colquhoun Business Dinner as the Chairman of JCI Glasgow to the top business leaders in Glasgow including the Lord Provost.  It was an amazing night and we filled the room with some of Glasgow’s most influential businessmen and women.

Now it is time to share all this and so much more through the pages of my book Up the Ladder in the Skirt.

It has been an amazing journey.  There have been many friendships made along the way.  They joy of experiencing different cultures, exploring different business environments and the pure pleasure of working with some many amazing men and women around the world and helping them grow.  The best part is my story is not finishedMaggie G_20150717_0075

So on those days when you are starting to feel the overwhelm, what is your story?  What journey have you made?  Where did you start and how has each step helped you grow into the person you are today?  I would love to hear from you.

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