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Purchase Up the Ladder in a Skirt Today!  10% of the profit will go to the Hunger Project UK's Unleashed Women Leadership Fund which empowers women to move their communities out of poverty.

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In these pages you will uncover...

Up The Ladder In A Skirt is the first-hand experience of climbing the corporate ladder as a female in male-dominated fields. It serves as a handbook for both men and women, describing how to be a part of the solution; creating culture change within organisations to bring balance to the leadership equation.

  • Learn step-by-step strategies for climbing the leadership ladder
  • Use personal skills and strengths in your leadership climb
  • Create a stronger voice in the leadership community
  • Gain leadership success as a woman in a ‘man’s world’
  • Discover how to conquer the voices telling you you’re ‘not good enough’
  • Learn to use a true sense of community to climb the ladder
  • Whose ladder are you climbing anyway? Learn to make it yours
  • Discover different ways to climb the leadership ladder, and how to smoothly swap from one ladder to another
  • Define authentic success on your own terms
  • Explore personal peace of mind and positive health as you venture forward
Order Your Copy of the BOOK Now

Maggie shares some of her wisdom below...

Below is a selection of the You Tube Video's that Maggie has done on some of the the topics covered in the book