Radio and Podcast Interviews

  • Funky Thinker Podcast with Jonathan Senior

    Keep you eyes open – Podcast #91 of Funky Thinkers is with Maggie Georgopoulos (link will be posted when it goes live ūüôā )

  • Smart Health Women Magazine Podcast

    Maggie talks about her unique story which she shares about her own mental health journey as a change maker and leader in the workplace and is a strong advocate of ingraining a deep understanding and support of mental health into the cultural psyche of organisations.

  • Novel Podcast with Jake Nicolle

    Maggie Georgopoulos believes her success at such a young age came from her persistence, tenacity, and belief in herself. She was always confident in her work and she has always delivered with confidence.  So much more in the podcast.

  • Workplace Lab Podcast with Ariana Danquah

    This week we are joined by Maggie Georgopoulos, speaker, and author. We discuss visible and invisible disabilities at work, what it’s like being a woman in male dominated professions and industries and climbing the corporate ladder.

  • School for Start Ups Radio with James Beach

    Web Design & WordPress Guru Phil Singleton, Women in Male Dominated Industries Maggie Georgopoulos & DonorSee Gret Glyer¬† – Maggie talks about what it¬† is like to be a women working in male dominated industries, including ensuring they understand it is not an ‘us and them’ scenario! (Maggie starts at 26 minutes in)

  • Twelve Minute Convos with Engel Jones

    1138: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Maggie Georgopoulos – a fun and cheeky conversation about life, wimsey and Billy Idol!

  • Multiply your Business Podcast with Scott Morrison

    #034: Up the Ladder In a Skirt with Maggie Georgopoulos –¬†Many of you who listen to this podcast are somewhere on the path of transitioning¬†from¬†being employed¬†to creating your own company. Maggie Georgopoulos was there not too long ago.

  • Selling in a Skirt with Judy Hoberman

    Interview with Judy Hoberman on Radio W4WN – Mentoring and Leadership-A Winning Combination. If you ask many leaders a reason why they have been successful, most will talk about a great mentor, their words of wisdom, the fact that they shared their experience and expertise and how, to this day, they still have a special bond.

  • Hello Tech Pros with Chad Bostick

    How to Increase Staff Retention Without Being a Bully¬†‚ÄĒ Maggie Georgopoulos on Leadership

  • Speaking with TJ Walker - Media Training WorldWide

    How Women Can Communicate Up the Corporate Ladder.  Strong communication skills are the cornerstone of a good leader.  Understanding the ways that different personality profiles communicate is an integral part of ensuring that you can get your message across.  Maggie speaks to TJ Walker about being a women in male dominated industries and the diversity in communication.

  • Confidence Bytes with Stuart Elliot of Double C Coaching

    Chairman of the Board at age 32 A 45 minute special interview with Stuart Elliot on what it took to step up into leadership at such a young age but more importantly the confidence it took to step off the ladder.

  • Virtual Women's Success Summit with Iolande V. Argent

    Turning Transferable Skills into Entrepreneurial Gold – As a special guest speaker on the Summit, Maggie talks to Iolande about leadership in traditional industries, travelling the world and mental health.

  • The Leader in You Summit with Nancy Ganzefauker

    Discover and develop leadership skills to influence people, boost your confidence and discover a life you are proud of living.

  • Destined for Success Summit with Sorinne Ardeleanu

    Maggie talks about the importance of knowing yourself and understanding your strengths in order to obtain authentic leadership success and climb your leadership ladder.

  • Virtual Speakers Summit - Boost Your Business Speaking Online

    Get more speaking opportunities using your book.  Maggie speaks about the success she has had before her book comes out because she is an upcoming author and has her book cover, and much more.

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