I can't do that, I don't have the money!

hustleHave you ever really wanted to do something and found yourself saying:

I can’t do that I don’t have the money

For many of us it is not an excuse or a block, it is very real.

Or is it?


I effectively retired at the age of 35, about five years ahead of my plan. As a result I have been fortunate enough to spend the last 10 years travelling and working occasionally around the world (I have worked approximately 5 out of the last 11 years). I have been able to affect some change through the things I have been doing and the people I have come in contact with. Great change has been affected on me.

The biggest was that my existence life-style was no longer working for me. As a result, I decided to walk away from the short and long term contracts overseas that I did between volunteering opportunities and decided to settle down and set my business up properly.

I did this because I felt I could affect much more impact, change and make a greater difference from a position of real abundance, as opposed to one of occasional abundance.

cash flowI have self financed my business and so far it is growing steadily and the knowledge of what I am doing is slowly getting out there.  As a result of self funding my business, walking away from the longer term overseas contracts and deciding to give up roles that would distract from what I am doing, for the first time in a long time I am sitting in a position where the cash flow doesn’t necessarily match up.  The incoming is sometimes out of sync with the outgoing, not always in the best way.

If I want to grow my business, get out there and make it really happen and connect with more and more women and businesses that I can help, then I need to be out there. I need to be seen.

This leads to the question, about money. I needed to spend time in London. This was to do two things, one was to run some training sessions – part of my core business, the other was to network. With the cash flow issue raising it’s ugly head and London hotels, etc being what they are I was faced with the option of possibly withdrawing from the networking opportunities.

This was not the way to go. You see networking is a key to building up a new business, well good networking is. As a business based in Scotland but looking to work nationally and globally, I need to make the right connections the two networking events around my training were critical. Without access to credit to make it happen right now I did the next best thing:

I traveled on Mega bus and stayed in a Hostel. My room was shared with 14 other people.

I did this because it was necessary.

Did I like the hostel accommodation? NO!

Did it serve its purpose? Yes.

(Although I do need to mention that the Megabus travel was actually good, comfortable and saved on two extra nights of hotels, but that was because I took the sleeper bus option)

It was somewhere to sleep. If I had made the decision that I could not do it because of the money I would not have made the great connections I did at the Scottish London Business Network (a real bonus for Scottish based businesses looking to grow their business both into London and further afield).

Speaking at the National Achiever Conference at the Excel Centre in London

Speaking at the National Achiever Conference at the Excel Centre in London

Most of all if I had decided I could not afford it I would not have stood on the stage at the ExCel centre and spoken about my upcoming book, my business and my journey and I would not have been able to motivate and inspire others – which is a large part of my core business. I would not have made the valuable connections I made at the event either.

The next time you are faced with I can’t afford it, in your business, ask yourself this question:

Can I afford the potential business and exposure I might lose if i don’t find a way to afford it?

Sometimes money can really be a barrier but I find that more often than not there is a way to work with it and around it to make things work.  Think about the bigger cost, the opportunity cost, and work out a way to make it work.

It would be great to hear from others about things they have had to do in order to access the greater benefit for their business when money was tight.

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