Take the leap!

cliff_jumpMy Mum always talks about me being a ledge jumper. What she means here is that I will make the quick decision, step off that figurative ledge and trust that there is a soft landing at the end.

Have you ever been in a position where you are standing at the edge of the hypothetical cliff and trying to make the decision as to what you should do?

I have felt like that a lot this month.

I have finally got the manuscript for my book back to my publisher for the final edits and layout.  This means that over the coming months it will be available electronically, previews will be out and ultimately the in print book will be out.  This is a journey that has been going on for 9 months now and it is coming to the penultimate stop.

MaggieGeorgopoulos-3D-Single-CoverThis week I will have the landing page for the pre-sales of my book from my publisher, so it will all go live. At the same time I have decided it is a great time to re-launch my Up the Ladder in a Skirt program.  Always good to do many things at once. I will be going out on Facebook live everyday and finish it with a Webinar at the end of the week.  All new things for me.

Now with all this going on, I could just slip into overwhelm if I wasn’t careful. True to myself I am making sure that I take time in all of this and remember to relax.  It is important because I need to be at my best for this.  It is getting to be very exciting.  This is a journey that is creating a new aspect to my life. I want to make sure it goes well.

I am going to make sure I am prepared.  Just like if I was to take that leap of the cliff, I would make sure I had a parachute and if possible a soft landing.  I am working on making sure the same things are in place for my business, just as I did for my career.  I am not stopping what I am doing to get it perfect, but I am making sure I have the elements in place.  If something doesn’t work, I need to be ready with back ups.

From experience I now know that I can handle the possible hiccups, and I am ready to take the leap. Unlike that child that always took the leap and just trusted there was something there, I now know there is something there to break the fall.

Most of all I know I will fly!

What leap is it you need to take and what do you need to get in place to help you make it and enjoy the flight?

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