Be Bold for Change…

happy-womens-day-theme-2017Last Wednesday 8th March was International Women’s Day yet again.  With the best laid plans I was going to write three blogs that day, one for here, one for my main business blog (which gets even less attention than this) and one for Linked In.  I managed only one of them, the Linked In Article:

Be Bold for Change: the voice of women the world over needs to be heard and listened to

So why is it so important for us to Be Bold?  This almost seems  to imply that may be there was some timidness somewhere in the past which we need to overcome.  I don’t believe this but I do believe that there is a real call there.

It is not just for the voice of women to Be Bold for Change  but everyone.  We are facing uncertain times.  Here in the UK we have Brexit and all the confusion and uncertainty it seems to entail, and the US has false news…among other things.

The clear point is that we have many things to deal with in the world. New changing environments. Politics. Religion.  Those things you shouldn’t talk about – so I won’t.

Women and children in the foothills of Mt Meru

Women and children in the foothills of Mt Meru

We need to be bold because we still have poverty, famine, hunger, slavery and oppression.  Women and children are affected by all of these things more – statistically.  Possibly because of those things I wasn’t going to talk about.

So if we start to make a change, maybe we can start to make a real difference.

So I would ask that regardless of gender that you step up and


For more on my thoughts on this, please once again see the LinkedIn Article.