Self Image is Important!

“No one can outperform he own self-image.” Laura Posey

This post is a day late in my personal blogging time-line/challenge but it needed to be.  The quote at the start is one of the daily quotes on my The Women’s Advantage desk calendar.  It us almost as if it knows just what I need to get going each day.

This one has had me reflecting and in the rush between meetings yesterday I realised that sometimes it is ok to miss a deadline, or delay something.  Sometimes this is what we need to do to ensure it is in the right place.  Sometimes we need the courage to say this is not going to work right now.  I have had to do that a number of times over the years, but will go into detail on this in another blog post.

What I want to focus on today is our own self-image.


The picture above is a screen grab a friend of mine made of the Scottish Leaders Debate for the upcoming parliamentary election.  I was lucky enough to be one of the audience members for the event.  When I see that image my instant reaction is:

‘Oh, my God! Will you look at that horrible expression!’

Not at all constructive. Not helpful. Most of all not correct.

Further to this, I am still kicking myself as I felt I missed the opportunity to ask a much more pressing question.  At the end of the day it is a good thing that I didn’t allow any of my self limitations or doubts to stop me from putting my hand up and holding it up for a good 5 or so minutes to ensure I got to ask a question.  At least my voice was heard and I made the panel of speakers focus on an answer to what they were going to do.  They may not have answered it well but the point is the question got asked.

Another thing I have found myself doing recently is subconsciously and if I am honest consciously starting to sabotage myself. For a whole lot of reasons, I find that as I am getting older I am putting on weight.  At the beginning of last year, I made a pact with myself that I was going to eat better and exercise.  Any of you who follow my social media feed will know that I have kept to the second part of my pact with myself pretty well.  I have been running 5K’s, 10K’s, half-marathons, swimming, doing virtual running challenges, took on an aquathon last year and am talking on a virtual duathlon and a sprint triathlon in the next couple of months.

On the eating side it is great when I remember to give myself real praise, support and importantly self-love and it is really bad when all I do is let that little voice tell me all the bad things.

Maggie G_20150717_0351

I have this amazing wardrobe I have put together that is in line with my personal brand – bright and bold.  You can see it is my cover photos here.

At the moment because I have allowed myself to lower myself worth this is what I look like and the closest I get to my beautiful wardrobe – which incidental is what I call real woman sized 12-14.  I stopped the video this has been screen-shot from, from being posted publicly because I was upset about how I look!

At recent PSA meeting

How does this all connect back?

Right now my self-image has become one of someone who doesn’t deserve to be heard.

The minute I realised I have started doing this, I actively made the decision to stop.  It doesn’t matter what my size is – I have something to say that should be heard.  I still look professional when I get into my business mode and head out into the world.

It doesn’t matter about what facial expression got caught.  I am lucky I have a very expressive face, which means the world can see exactly what I am thinking.  This means I am always authentic as you always know if I truly believe what I am saying.  The picture at the start shows a Women who passionately believes in what she is talking about.  The best part.

That woman is me!

So what is it about your self-image that is holding you back?  What one thing can you do today to make a difference and help to grow that so you can be the most empowered you?

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