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mental blocksI was having a conversation just last night with the wonderful Almira Ross around the fact that I seem to have a big block with blogging.  The key to this being that I don’t know where to start.  It seems almost like someone out there is pushing me because today I get the email from my publisher saying that this site is ready for me to be able to post blogs to it!

I have decided that it is time to get started.  Over the coming weeks, months and eventually years there will be a lot more up here about Women in Leadership and all that goes with it.  Today I thought it would be good just to write about getting up the courage to overcome my blockage on this and just start writing it.

You will be able to see my background from my about page (well eventually, this is all under construction and I believe this post is going to beat that information onto the website!) but I want to give you a little more insight into less confident side of me.  This is the side of me that hasn’t conquered boardrooms and is not necessarily seeing everything as an adventure but is seeing the walls to climb as too high or the decisions to make as daunting.  Not a part of me that comes out to play very often but she exists.

On writing this, I worry that it just won’t be interesting enough or that no one will want to really know what I think.  At the end of the day I am not going to be able to find this out unless I get out there and just do it.  If I can have the courage to write a book and put me on public display through it, I can have the courage to overcome this one.

Here it is.

A post not about writing a blog so much, or about climbing the leadership ladder directly, but a small insight into the fact that we have blocks over so many things and it is ok.  It is ok as long as you face it and look at why it exists.  My block over this exists because it is an unfamiliar platform and also because my personality type is often too busy riding the rocket ship toward the next big idea to remember I should have stopped for the details – I worry I will miss when I should be doing something.

I am facing this, and I have realised that with a pinch of courage and a large handful of support, anything is possible.  Some things just take a little longer than others to work through.

What is your block? Small or big.  What do you think is causing it? What one thing will you do to start the process towards overcoming it?

I would love to hear from you and love you to share.

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