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progressThis time last week I wrote about how I was sadden by the outcome of the referendum.  Whilst I am still sad I would like to focus forward and into the future rather than into the past with this post.

I noted in my last blog post that it was time for a change.  Not just in leadership but in the style and the way we go about it.  At the moment here in the UK we have a lot of political in fighting, yet I can see at least one positive in all the mess (or civil war as the media has taken to calling it). That is Theresa May.

Theresa-May-006I am not a Tory voter, actually I am not really anything.  I am what you call a swinging voter.  I will vote for the party, or representative that I believe is best for our community.  In this case the community is the United Kingdom. If I could vote right now I would vote for Theresa May.

She would be a breath of fresh air, in a stale political environment.

In among the candidate for the leader of the Tories, and consequently the Prime Minister of the UK, she is the only one who has the experience, the capability and most of all the apparent integrity.

I will not lie, I have another bias here.  I think it is time for change, we need a new style of leadership and I believe that Theresa May can bring that to us.

If you look at the most powerful leader in Europe we are looking at a women.  Angela Merkel is not only inspiring, she cares about her country and making sure she represents her people.

If we look into the UK and look at Scotland, you can see true leadership at work. Regardless of whether you agree with them or not they are really leading the charge and have the right perspective.  They are listening to their constituents.  Strangely once again, they are all women – Nicola Sturgeon, Ruth Davies and Kezia Dugdal. That is part of what being in politics is all about.

I look forward to common sense prevailing and seeing a woman at No. 10 for the first time since 1990.

p_downing-street-d_1639424cThat is way to long.  It is time for change and this is a good place to start.  I believe that she will at least have the guts and common sense to move the situation forward, rather than sitting in the current stale mate.  What’s more at least it will be a new and clean perspective on what is happening.

I look forward to seeing a Prime Minister who will be able to work not only with the Parliament in Westminster but also with the Leaders of the Parliaments in the nations of the United Kingdom, with a mindset which will see the UK move forward.

Here is to a new paradigm of leadership and a fresh view on how to represent the people of the United Kingdom.

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