On this page you can find any of the live webinars which are being run by Maggie and the MAGS Inspires team.  Whether it one of the Black Card Books Webinars which Maggie runs to share with you the success she has had in her business as an upcoming author or one of the Webinars which are run on the Up the Ladder in a Skirt programs and any of the basic rungs or premium rungs you may be on in your career, you will find the links here for them.

We look forward to seeing you on one of our webinars in the future.

  • Up the Ladder in a Skirt Understanding your Ladder

    Are you in a job that you love but find you are frustrated or feeling blocked? Are you unsure if you are in the right place? Looking for ways to grow your career? Join Maggie on Friday 26th May at 12.30pm when she will talk to you about the 5 basic rungs you need to have in the right place on your career ladder and how you can really fly using this.