Up the Ladder in a Skirt

5 Rungs of Leadership

Learn how to understand your personal leadership style to climb your ladder to success

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From the training room to your home - due to popular demand it is finally available online!

This course will help you step up and climb your ladder to success

Up the Ladder in a Skirt  - 5 Rungs to Leadership Success is all about providing you with the tools to help you climb your leadership ladder.  This is a highly successful leadership course which has been run around the world and is now online, so you can access it in your own time.

Module #1 What you want is what you get

We are told over and over again that if we have something foremost in our mind that is what will be delivered to us.  From the Secret to Lucky Bitch they all have the same message...if you think it you will get it.

In this module we look at those voices in your head.  What messages are they actually sending. How do w Contents

e counter this? What do we do to step up and Play Big!

Module #2 Personal Preferences

We hire in our own image. It is said over and over again and it is true. It is just that we tend to hire in our own personality.  With 75% of the 'feeling' logic being women it is no wonder it appears it is just those who act like men get promotions.

In this module we look at your preferences, how this affects the way you communicate, what it means to your current role and how to communicate so you stay authentic to your personality but are able to get the message across to those who are 'not like you'.

Module #3 The art of Saying No

To many of us get caught in the trap of thinking that if we take more on and show them how good we are then we will get that promotion. We then end up disappointed and frustrated when that is not what happens at all.

In this module you learn the subtle (and at times not so subtle) art of saying no so that you stay on task, still look good and don't end up over taxed with work that is not helping you or your team.

Module #4 You as part of a Team

It is important to understand how you work in a team, if you are eventually going to lead teams.

This module looks at team dynamics.  It also looks at the feminine energy in teams - collaboration and the masculine energy in teams - competition and how to better use these to help grow and manage the teams better.

Module #5 Looking after Yourself


At the end of the day, one of the biggest problems we seem to face in the workplace is that illusive work-life balance. Since it doesn't exist we are going to focus on how to channel your energy so that you deal with priorities and still get time to relax at the end of the day.

Learn how to better manage your personal energy and time in order to get the life you want, not the stress you don't need.

This course will help you...

(includes a bonus module around mentoring and coaching)

  • Silence those negative voices in your head
  • Focus the positive voices to help you achieve your goals
  • Learn how to deal with impostor syndrome
  • Understand your personality preferences
  • Communicate better through understanding preferences
  • Get a clear picture of what you want from your career/ business.
  • Learn how to say no and look good
  • Make the right impression authentically without compromise
  • How you work in a team and what that means as a leader
  • The art of Collaboration vs Competition
  • How to look after yourself
  • Why one thing is more important that many in gaining 'balance'
  • What is a mentor? What is a coach? Why it is important to have at least one!

'Up the Ladder in a Skirt' is great for women in leadership positions, encouraging them to think differently about what success means and inspiring them to have a life and career that works for them.

Mel Sherwood
Mel Sherwood Pitch and Presentation Speacialist

[Maggie] is brilliant at keeping the audience engaged and always relates what she's teaching to real, personal examples, making it much easier for attendees to understand the concepts taught.

Personally, I so much loved the Leadership Academy that she delivered that I decided that I would not take any other leadership course in the near future. I found the right approach for me and I'm going with it.

I wholeheartedly recommend Maggie.

Roxana Ghita
Roxana Ghita Brudarac Ltd

Maggie is a brilliant leader who inspires people and gets them involved and motivated from the first time she meets them. She has a wealth of knowledge that she is always happy to share with others. Her enthusiasm for learning means she is also a brilliant mentor who will always point you in the right direction.

Suzanne Shinnie
Suzanne Shinnie Project Manager - Edinburgh Napier University

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As a live course this will cost you 5 days of your time and £4997. By introducing this as an online course you are able to access the modules in your time and at your pace.  You have access to the other on the course as part of the online forum.  As this is new to the online platform instead of charging the £697 we thought we would open this up at the one time only, introductory price of £47 .

In addition to this, you can get a copy of the book Up the Ladder in a Skirt which will support the learning your are doing online half price (£10 instead of £20) if you sign up (and we will waive postage and handling!).