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  • Selling in a Skirt with Judy Hoberman

    Interview with Judy Hoberman on Radio W4WN – Mentoring and Leadership-A Winning Combination. If you ask many leaders a reason why they have been successful, most will talk about a great mentor, their words of wisdom, the fact that they shared their experience and expertise and how, to this day, they still have a special bond.

  • Hello Tech Pros with Chad Bostick

    How to Increase Staff Retention Without Being a Bully — Maggie Georgopoulos on Leadership

  • Speaking with TJ Walker - Media Training WorldWide

    How Women Can Communicate Up the Corporate Ladder.  Strong communication skills are the cornerstone of a good leader.  Understanding the ways that different personality profiles communicate is an integral part of ensuring that you can get your message across.  Maggie speaks to TJ Walker about being a women in male dominated industries and the diversity in communication.

  • Confidence Bytes with Stuart Elliot of Double C Coaching

    Chairman of the Board at age 32 – A 45 minute special interview with Stuart Elliot on what it took to step up into leadership at such a young age but more importantly the confidence it took to step off the ladder.

  • Virtual Women's Success Summit with Iolande V. Argent

    Turning Transferable Skills into Entrepreneurial Gold – As a special guest speaker on the Summit, Maggie talks to Iolande about leadership in traditional industries, travelling the world and mental health.

  • The Leader in You Summit with Nancy Ganzefauker

    Discover and develop leadership skills yo influence people, boost your confidence and discover a life you are proud of living.

  • Destined for Success Summit with Sorinne Ardeleanu

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